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  1. No, but refusing to pay your employees what they’re worth is what America’s all about these days. Even the old system, as opposed to having full-time refs, was a joke, but this is obscene.

  2. But are three of the worst calls I’ve seen in the span of a minute supposed to be part of the game (not counting any other games this season)?

    Is there really a substantive issue in this dispute beyond the union’s desire to not become full-time and the league’s insistence they do so?

    This weekend’s games surely have thrown a wrench in the notion that getting full-time employees would be superior to the old part-time system.

    • That is, become full-time while taking both pay and benefit cuts.

  3. I think he comments here and on the roundup post on the FP miss the broader, more fundemntally important point which is that the Seahawks won.

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