Monday Trivia, No. 82 [Michael Cain wins!]

The top twelve of these in the USA are found in: 1. Colorado, 2. California, 3. California, 4. Florida and California (a tie), 6. New York, 7. Alaska, 8. Nevada, 9. Nevada, 10. Washington (the state, not DC), 11. New Mexico, 12. Arizona.

Burt Likko

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      • It is a good guess. Incorrect, unfortunately, but a more than plausible stab at this particular list.

    • Another good guess, but I think th largest is Orville, which is in CA.

    • Well, more than half of these are on military installations and I’ve excluded unpaved runways (e.g., Groom Lake AFB) but this is close enough to call a winner. Good jorb!

      • For the last couple of questions, the information available on Tuesday has been… overly generous, let us say. Maybe it only seemed generous this morning because I’ve lived in Front Range Colorado long enough — sessile, dams are a good guess, and Colorado is at the top of the list suggests DIA and its massive runways. They got lots of local publicity while they were under construction.

        I have one that I’d like to pose, since Mr. Truman is busy with things other than trivia these days.

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