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  1. Cities with bad Billy Joel songs written about them.

    Also, they all have minor league baseball, many of them going back for a long time.

    • Maybe those are the best attended minor league teams?

      • Boom!

        I think I need to just stay away from baseball as a subject matter for trivia altogether in the future. So many people know so much about its minutiae!

          • That said, I was unhappy when Denver acquired an MLB team, and lost their AAA affiliate. AAA ball, at least in that case, was the ideal level to take your children to. You could decide in the morning that you were going to the game. Parking was free. Tickets were inexpensive and not tied to a particular seat. The hitting was nearly up to major league standards, but the pitching was not, so there was plenty of action. Hot dogs and sodas were reasonably priced. Going to see the Rockies, OTOH, is an expedition that must be planned well in advance, with significant amounts of money set aside to cover the expenses.

          • How did you find watching a baseball game in Mile High Stadium?

          • How did you find watching a baseball game in Mile High Stadium?

            The baseball setup at the old Mile High was very nice, I thought. Most of the stadium was closed off, of course. Lots of available seats shielded by the upper deck. And all of those seats very good ones, compared to where you can end up at Coors Field unless you’ve spent quite a bit. I like to sit where I can look down the first base line from behind home, and never had any problem getting a seat there. Despite the overall size, they had things set up so it felt reasonably cozy.

      • Damn, as soon as I saw Louisville and Round Rock (I live about 15 minutes from the Dell Diamond), I knew the answer. But someone beat me to it.

    • There are no bad Billy Joel songs – only bad cities.

  2. Sites of the Ten most valuable minor league teams.

  3. The next universities that are going to be engulfed by the Big Borg Ten conference.

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